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Enermax TB Silence and Apollish Vegas Fans Review

We received several T.B. Silence fans, a 120mm and a 140mm size. The Apollish Vegas is sold in 4 different colours, silver, green, blue and red. Ours is a blue 140mm model.

Before we look at the individual fans, lets take a look at the Twister Bearing Technology which is utilised on all three designs.

Twister Bearing Technology is an Enermax patent which incorporates a magnetized steel ball with a self lubricated nano bearing these are connected to coils and the concept also uses flexible magnets inside the rotor.

The 120mm and 140mm T.B Silence fans are finished in a plain black gloss colour (blades are partially transparent) which are sure to appeal to almost all enthusiast users on the market due to their inoffensive colours. The 120mm unit is a ‘Batwing' blade design which provides up to 20% higher air flow. The 140mm Unit uses Turbine blades which are a high pressure air flow performance design.

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, BatWing!

Holy blade design Batman, they have named them ‘Batwing'! The 120mm model is built with a ‘HALO' frame which is to help with additional air supply and effective reduction of air turbulences. The modular frame is aluminum reinforced with a three piece design for a longer lifetime, this is also patented.

Both 120mm and 140mm fans have a removable blade design which means you can clean them much easier than a regular design.

The fans are supplied with a 3 pin to 4 pin molex adapter which is a great idea for specific build situations.

They come with a genuine sticker of authenticity which can be seen with our flash hitting it on the rear of the unit.

While the T.B Silence fans are high performance, low noise units with an emphasis on understated appearance the Apollish Vegas has been designed with as much glitz and visual impact as possible. That is not to say that the fan is a cheap internally designed unit, far from it. All the technologies incorporated into the T.B. Silence fans are fully utilised on the Vegas fan also. That means you have the Twister Bearing design to keep noise low and airflow high, and removable blade sections for easy cleaning.

This unit differs however because there is a LED lighting system with 18 diodes across the circumference and Enermax claim that the Apollish Vegas shines four times brighter than ordinary LED fans.

As you can see in the image above left, there is also a mini kit supplied with the unit, this includes a sticky mounting system for placing the control box outside the case, this box adjusts the speed from 700 rpm to 1500 rpm, and the air flow from 71.99 cfm to a whopping 154.27 cfm.

There is a nice flash demonstration of the seven available lighting modes on the Enermax website but we decided to take a high definition video of the unit in action.

The intensity of the lighting really does need to be seen to be believed, it can basically light up a whole room if you use the ‘all on' mode. Thankfully once you play about with your case and mod it out, if you are watching a movie at night, you can select the ‘off' mode if you find the lights distracting.

All of this clever lighting is controlled via the box, which has two knobs, one for fan speed and another a button which you can press multiple times to switch between the various modes. You can easily mount this control box on the outside of the case. There is a manual supplied which explains all the functionality of the unit.

You connect the box to the two cables running from the fan, and one of them is then connected to a header on your motherboard or via a converter to your power supply.

This control system can manipulate the 18 diodes separately and to create seven different light effects seen in the video above. The circumference of the fan reminds us of StarGate.

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