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Enermax TB Silence and Apollish Vegas Fans Review

The Enermax TB Silence range is extremely impressive, the 120mm unit in particular is the quietest fan we have tested to date and barely registered on our monitoring equipment above the ambient noise of the room. The BatWing blades  on the TB Silence 120mm are clearly not just a gimmicky name designed to attract geeky sci fi fanatics.

The TB Silence 140mm is another great performer, with very low levels of noise meaning it is inaudible unless your ear is a few inches away from it. When you consider the airflow is also 77cfm then Enermax are onto another winner.

Our favourite fan today was the Enermax Apollish Vegas – it isn't apologising for being pure bling and ‘in your face'. The 18 LED's not only light up a room but they have more lighting modes than a Take That concert. The pleasure is that when you get bored of the lighting, or you want it off at night, there is a unit which allows you to do so – Enermax even supply a little sticky backed solution to mount it to the rear of your case for easy access.

You can therefore impress your friends and family with your new pulsating chassis, but you can turn the LED's off so you can keep your sanity. Underneath all the flash however the actual fan unit is as good as the TB Silence unit, which is massively important. We don't recommend shoddy products at KitGuru.

You can buy these in the UK from Scan. 120mm fan is £7.03. 140mm TB Silence fan is £8.19. 140mm Apollish Vegas is £21.49.

KitGuru says: These fans are certainly some of the finest quality units we have tested to date and the Apollish Vegas is also a lot of fun. Not often you can say that about a fan.

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Rating: 9.0.

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