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Playdom in demand – Disney in talks for takeover

Playdom are a game maker many of you might not have heard of however they create titles which are played on sites such as Facebook – titles such as Farmville are still incredibly popular. Their net worth is estimated to be between $400 million and $750 million which gives a good indication of just how popular these titles are.

Disney have been focused lately into the massive market for ‘casual’ gaming, which has a much larger audience than even gaming on the Playstation or Microsoft platforms. Disney have also bought iPhone game developer Tapulous and online virtual world Club Penguin for $350 million.

Disney’s interest in this market ties in with CEO Robert Iger’s strategy of having a platform to highlight well known characters and brands across as many media platforms as possible. The takeover proposal would surely be to get Playdom to create games for social networking based around popular characters such as Mickey Mouse. They could also tap into their Pixar titles such as Toy Story and even incorporate characters from Iron Man, the movie franchise.

KitGury says: Are you an avid Farmville gamer? Would you like to see Disney branded games on Facebook?

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