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Corsair H70 Review – versus Vantage & NH D14 @ 4.53ghz

The Corsair H70 is an evolutionary step taken with the liquid cooled H50 design. It is bigger, heftier, more capable and still as easy to fit. The legendary Corsair build quailty is still a primary selling point and the company are flying high in 2010 with a consistently high quality range of products.

The H70 has many improvements when compared to the H50 – we like the new tubing for one because it is slightly more flexible, which makes fitting easier. The addition of flexible mounts on the block itself helps with installation and axis movement to suit specific builds. This is the cooler you can move easily from system to system without any hassles. While it seems like such a small point Corsair do deserve a lot of credit for this as many manufacturers still get it wrong.

The H70 can easily handle the biggest, fattest overclocks as our testing proved today. With a high end 6 core Intel Core i7 at 4.53ghz the Corsair H70 hovered around 80c under load. Bear in mind we set a significant core voltage increase which can cause issues for all but a handful of coolers we have tested to date.

We have tested with the hottest running processor on the market today, so if you are using a Core i5 or AMD processor and want to overclock, rest assured your temperatures will be much lower. We always try and present a worst case scenario when testing high end coolers.

As with the Coolit Vantage, the Corsair H70 is not capable of beating the Noctua NH D14. This doesn't mean you should disregard it however. Firstly, the Noctua NH D14 consumes a vast amount of physical space and will block many motherboards from using high profile ram heatspreaders. It hogs all the area around the heatsink and can prove a little difficult for some people to fit – it is the monster Zeppelin of coolers. The Corsair H70 is much smaller and will free up the area around the CPU for oversized memory and whatever else you need …  just bear in mind with two 120mm fans now sandwiching the radiator it does take up more space than the H50.

The Corsair H70 is a superior cooler to the Coolit Vantage and is £20 less in the UK at time of press. Our friends at Yoyotech are supplying it right now for £86 inc vat and it makes a great foundation for an overclocked system build.

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Rating: 8.0.

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