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Corsair H70 Review – versus Vantage & NH D14 @ 4.53ghz

Rating: 8.0.

Corsair and Coolit are fighting head to head with ‘high end', yet mainstream all in one liquid cooling solutions and as KitGuru recently reviewed the Coolit Vantage we felt it was time to publish our analysis of the Corsair H70 … the successor to the class leading, and very popular H50 CPU cooler.

The H50 was one of my favourite coolers, it was small enough to be easily moved from system to system and it was a long standing component which we used in many of our system builds. The H70 is bigger, with a double thick 120mm radiator for improved heat dissipation and the integrated pump and reservoir are sealed for zero maintenance.

With the release of their recent A50 and A70 air coolers it made sense to update the H50, and today we will show you how it handles when compared to the Coolit Vantage and our king of the hill, the Noctua NH D14. We aren't going to mess around with a mid range processor either … we are cranking our 6 core i7 970 Intel CPU to 4.53ghz with large amounts of voltage.

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