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Corsair H70 Review – versus Vantage & NH D14 @ 4.53ghz

Rating: 8.0.

Corsair and Coolit are fighting head to head with ‘high end’, yet mainstream all in one liquid cooling solutions and as KitGuru recently reviewed the Coolit Vantage we felt it was time to publish our analysis of the Corsair H70 … the successor to the class leading, and very popular H50 CPU cooler.

The H50 was one of my favourite coolers, it was small enough to be easily moved from system to system and it was a long standing component which we used in many of our system builds. The H70 is bigger, with a double thick 120mm radiator for improved heat dissipation and the integrated pump and reservoir are sealed for zero maintenance.

With the release of their recent A50 and A70 air coolers it made sense to update the H50, and today we will show you how it handles when compared to the Coolit Vantage and our king of the hill, the Noctua NH D14. We aren’t going to mess around with a mid range processor either … we are cranking our 6 core i7 970 Intel CPU to 4.53ghz with large amounts of voltage.

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  • TK Tnich (RR)

    fuck, what a review Zardon. great testing. and very good performance from all three coolers ! I will never be able to afford a CPU like that.

  • Death Dealer

    Awesome ! Still not able to knock the NH D14 off the top spot I see !

  • Stefan

    Very very good test idea, I love how you throw things on their head Zardon – what performance out of the noctua ! H70 did better than I thought

  • High Five

    Christ, the test to end all tests. liked the section on air flow, that was very informative and I never thought about it like that either.

  • Tri Color

    YEAH !!!! I have been waiting for this one, and I have to say, hand on heart, the results played out EXACTLY as I imagined they would. Great cooler from corsair and the price is a little steep, but still quite good.

  • Frank

    Yeah baby. I need to get this cooler. the noctua NH D14 is still awesome, but its far too big for my case. I cant deal with that, especially the strain on the mobo long term, bound to cause damage and strained parts.

  • Brad

    Absoultely brilliant review Kitguru, this is just what I wanted to see. not a clear win really for noctua, due to size.

  • Tech Head

    Well its a clear win if you are only looking at performance figures !

  • Tomas

    Noctua NH D14 is incredible, but I agree, its ridiculously sized for most people.

  • Jakob Illistrim

    Really thought this review was one of de best I have seen in a longe time. thanks you.

  • Finklestick

    Incredible results for the Noctua NH D14 – had to laugh at the picture of it with 3 fans, its basically a chassis, inside a chassis!

  • Derek

    Very good product from corsair again – this is a much better deal IMO than NH D14, its far too big to be sensible for most people. You get limited with memory selection too.

  • Fado

    So – Noctua is £60, Corsair is £85 and Coolit is £105.

    The cheapest performs the best, the middle performs middle best and the most expensive is the worst.

    Its not quite as black n white as that, but its interesting.

  • Dab Hand

    I love the look of this corsair unit, the coolit one didnt appeal to me, you are paying 30 quid for the screen. I dont need a screen, I also dont need a heatsink the size of a small county in england.

  • Raymond Justin

    Great review, was contemplating which one to get, now I know. but its a secret :p

  • Harvey

    Noctua have made such a damn good cooler, every site loves it. some sites dont test it against H70 so its good to see this. Very impressed with corsair unit however, the head is so small.

  • Paul

    I might be alone in my thinking, but the noctua cooler scares me to look at. fitting it and putting such a strain on my 200 quid motherboard? the corsair seems best to me, but I like the noctua options and screen quality.

  • Garry

    Very good testing, it puts things into a ‘im a rich bastard and have loads of money to spend, and I will also overclock the balls of my processor’ category. most of us will have a core i5 or AMD cpu and these will ALL run much cooler.

    great review.

  • Phil Smith

    All of these are very expensive. even the noctua, although you are paying for the metal ! coolit is my favourite, Im probably in the minority. I dont need these insane overclocks, so I would say with a reasonable OC and a mid range cpu it would be awesome.

  • Joseph Linebacks

    Noctua is just impossible to beat, but it seems such a brute force solution to me, make the biggest heatsink you can build and slap multiple fans on it.

    Guess it works though !

  • Bob Shanks

    Great review, found it on google, very helpful for my purchase. Corsair here I come !

  • Blood Red

    This is a fantastic review Kitguru, bookmarked for another read tomorrow after work.

  • Jordan

    Nice review!! thumbs up – all 4 of them 😀

  • Dave Earnshaw

    great idea for the review – all of the coolers seem really capable !

  • Rocky Balbao

    Amazed how good the corsair and noctua really are 🙂

  • Andrew

    Would there by any way to test this vs the Coolit Eco 240. This is a great review and I have been reading alot of them for the H70, Coolit Vantage, and the Eco 240 but have not seen this against the Eco 240 yet. I also have been in talks with Coolit about getting a custom Vantage 240 but don’t know if the price is worth the performance. Any Help or Guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Asmoday

    Another great review mate, I might consider the H70 when i decide to upgrade my system… 🙂

  • OmegaRED

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! So sick of these sites using the True120 for all their top air tests when the D14 is the ultimate air cooling…I didn’t even know 3 fans was possible I’ll have to give it a shot.

  • UnHappyKillMore

    Hello just wondering how the hell you mount a H70 in a Antec p 193 case, I can hardly fit the H50 in it due to the big boy 200 mm side panal fan.
    I moved the fan and radiator to the front of the case intake threw the front, Though I do not think I could fit a huge h70 that way either.

  • Carl

    Yeah I have a P193 and I fitted one in mine, but I ditched the standard massive fan side door and ordered one without it.

  • Rick

    I think comparing the H70 vs the Coolit Vantage could be reconsidered. The H70 comes with two 120mm fans (push-pull setup) while the Coolit Vantage comes with only one 120mm fan. The thing is the Coolit Vantage also has the capability of adding an additional 120mm fan for a similar push-pull setup. I’ve personally used the H70 and then converted to the Coolit Vanatge (with the extra fan added). Happy to say I achieved a decrease in temps by 3 degrees on an overclocked 965BE at 4.22ghz.

    IMO get the Coolit, buy the additional fan and have the bonus of the digital display.

  • OMAR

    How much better is this cooler versus the H50?? Is it really much more powerful or is it comparable to the H50 plus another fan…? I am asking because a vendor I am thinking of buying from only carries either the H50 or the VANTAGE! I am wondering if it worth the trouble for me to buy after market and install it or just screw it and go with the H50 or Vantage.. 😀 What do you say guys…? Or just go with the Noctua — right? …jeje