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Kingston HyperX H20 6GB DDR-2000 Review

The H20 modules arrive in a long plastic container with Kingston branding on the front.

Inside they are clipped into the plastic surround to offer good protection during shipping. It isn't the most fancy packaging, but it is effective.

The modules are stunning in design with a black shroud over the blue headspreader.

The design is fantastic, a chrome brass water pipe clamp held in place by two screws with the aluminum shroud. As the cool water is passed along the pipe system, it removes heat.

The waterpipe is 11 cm long and is chrome plated with two 6mm fixed barbs at either end of the pipe. This tubing is rather unusual in size as most are 8mm or 13mm in diameter. Thankfully our friends at Yoyotech and Aquatuning supplied the kit today.

The kit contained all we needed, a reservoir, pump, cabling, fittings and radiator.

Yoyotech supplied all the products from the Phobya range and Aquatuning supplied the tubing and fittings needed to complete our build. The Phoyba Balancer 150 black nickel, Phoyba G-Changer 120, Phoyba Nano-G 120mm PWM controlled silent fan (red) and a Phoyba DC12-260 12 Volt Pump.

The Phoyba kit is well built and all the necessary screws and fittings are supplied in each of the packages. Anyone who has assembled a watercooling kit will have no problems.

Here are some more pictures of the watercooling kit:

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