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Kingston HyperX H20 6GB DDR-2000 Review

Rating: 9.0.

Kingston can sometimes be overlooked in enthusiast circles, which is a shame as they have some fantastic solutions on the market. They recently announced several new memory products and today we are looking at their high end HyperX H20 memory modules.

The HyperX H20 are targeted at demanding gamers and the overclocking audience who love to tweak and push their systems to the limit. They are currently being sold in three flavours. 2000mhz and 2133mhz 4GB kits for AMD and Intel Core i3/i5 and a 2000mhz 6GB kit for Core i7 1366 slot configurations.

Today we are looking at the tri channel 6GB DDR3 2000mhz kit which retails in the UK for around £130 inc vat. The H20 series, as the name would suggest is designed to be watercooled to offer additional overclocking headroom with improved temperatures. You can use them without a watercooling kit, but it somewhat defeats the purpose of this specific design.

  • Model: KHX2000C9AD3W1K3/6GX
  • Module Size: 6GB kit (2GB x 3)
  • Package: 240-pin DIMM
  • DDR3-2000
  • 9-10-9 Timings @ 1.65V
  • X.M.P Profiles
  • Lifetime Warranty

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  • Tri Color

    incredible performance, price isnt that high either considering

  • Tim

    4GB kit is cheap too, these look great, but im not sure id watercool memory. Would be interesting to see some seriously high end systems with these in.

  • Raymond

    These arent much more than a standard 6GB DDR3 kit, very impressive.

  • Garry

    Excellent, but they seem really hard to buy in the UK, distribution problems?

  • Stefan

    make sense if you already have a watercooling kit I guess, weird they aren’t bundling adaptors though as t hose hoses are a very weird size.

  • Brad

    Why not use standard tubing sizes? I understand they dont need thicker tubes for waterflow, but its such an issue for people mixing tubing….

  • Jerry

    Excellent, really dig this product, looks great too with the black surroundings.

  • Henz

    Kingston? I would never touch em for memory, but this looks good for the money

  • Trev

    Anyone seen these for sale in netherlands?

  • Roger

    Price is really good when you look at what you get. but the tubing selection puts me right off, without adapters.

  • Gert

    Great performance with the asus mobo there. thats a serious score