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Bit Fenix Colossus in stock at YOYOTech with Survivor to follow

The Bit Fenix Colossus was a strange case. It has as many challenges as it has advantages, but it is bulky, easy to work inside and (with an extra fan fitted) decent airflow. KitGuru was down in town yesterday when we spotted a (mating?) pair of these cases, in stock, in a central London store. While eavesdropping, we also heard talk about a new chassis coming in soon enough from the Bit Fenix team.

In the middle of London, you are largely surrounded by PC World stores with their dull, grey and totally uninspiring range of middle of the road products. Apple has been lucky enough to sprout hands on touchy touchy stores that seem to attract almost anyone, the hardcore technology enthusiast has been left largely unsatisfied. Apart from YOYOTech. This little oasis of quality technology is based at 30 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JL – just off Tottenham Court Road – and they're open 7 days a week. If you need a technology fix (or your technology fixed) you can get it done, from 9:30am on a Monday morning to 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. Decent.

KitGuru was picking up a tin of spray air (for the times when you need to blast a keyboard, mainboard or fan and a McDonald's straw just won't do). At the back counter, we overheard talk of a new delivery of chassis from fledgling vendor, Bit Fenix. We managed to snap a shot of a notebook screen, then clean the picture up in Photoshop. This is what we saw.

Something calling itself a Bit Fenix Survivor will be appearing at YOYOTech soon, apparently

The people hunched over the screen seemed to be calling it a ‘Survivor' and were saying that it was arriving soon. Interesting.

Having paid, we were heading out of the door when we were stopped by a black and white image rarely seen in the UK. Sitting on top of a load of Bit Fenix stock, was a pair of the Colossus chassis. One in each colour.

Side by side, in a store with about 100 other cases on display, is definitely the right way to see this kind of product. It gives you a chance to touch the strange coating yourself and see just how bit the cases are inside.

Things must be going well in the PC industry, it seems that these YOYOTech chaps are expanding - if the multiple vacancies poster in the window is anything to go by. These cases are HUGE by the way.

If you want to experience what we experienced, take your keen, clean and inquisitive hands along to YOYOTech, where Bit Fenix stock is in the shop, ready for your intimate probing.

KitGuru says: Opinion is still split on these cases, but it's certainly better to make your mind up when you see them in store, rather than trying to order something so unusual over the interweb.

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