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Noctua NH C14 Heatsink Review

Rating: 9.0.

Regular readers of KitGuru will already know that the Noctua NH D14 is always at the center of our high end system builds, especially when it comes to overclocking articles. Today we are looking at the NH C14, a dramatic design combining two 140mm fans, in a stack based air flow system,  demanding a height clearance of just 130mm.

The C14 design is not targeted at the extreme high end enthusiast overclocking audience, certainly not in the same manner as their D14 flagship product. The ‘top down’ design doesn’t tend to cool as effectively as a traditional tower design however it does give an added benefit of cooling the surrounding motherboard components. With a retail price of £65 in the UK, it isn’t cheap, but Noctua engineering standards are the best on the market.

This is Noctua’s third generation C Type top flow cooler and we already have high expectations that this will really deliver the goods.


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  • Tim

    Stunning is right, their engineering standards are unmatched. I got the D14 in november, and it really is a beautiful piece of work. my temps dropped 10c too which is a bonus 🙂

  • Rufus

    Great. This is going to suit a lot more people than the D14, and the cooling isn’t that far behind either.

  • Samuel

    Love their products, but they are very expensive for those who dont really need the ultimate performance levels.

  • Tech Head

    I saw another site reviewed this, and it outperformed the D14 in one system build? surely not?

    Impressive cooler however, if expensive. fans are worth it though. so many cooler companies bundle shit coolers.

  • Raymond Jan

    I bought this and its excellent. its not quite as good as the D14 going on my testing. as I have both, but its great for smaller spaces.

  • K0rN

    Is this the first time a company has used a support beam for strength? thats quite ingenious.

  • Seth

    I still think the frio is the best value cooler on the market for high end, its under £40 now.

  • Stupido

    Very nice cooler indeed…
    I’m curious if it fits on a mini-ITX bords? This could be “the cooler” for a powerful SFF build