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Noctua NH C14 Heatsink Review

Noctua are a company we really admire. They consistently produce enthusiast heatsinks with an emphasis on build quality and cooling prowess. This review today has recapitulated the reasons why they are viewed so highly by such a large audience.

The design of the NH C14 is fantastic, and while the product is certainly not cheap (£65), the inclusion of two NF P14 fans means that the asking price is actually very reasonable. Each of those high quality, low noise fans costs £17,  so the cooler itself is actually only £30.

The variety of mounting methods means this cooler is going to be accessible to a huge audience. With both fans installed it requires 130mm height, which is 30-40mm less than most high end tower coolers. If you remove the top fan, this height demand reduces to 105mm, meaning it is ideal for a performance oriented media center system build, even in compromised space.

The cooler isn’t quite the powerhouse that the NH D14 brings to market, but the D14 is such a gargantuan cooler that it blocks memory slots and demands a lot of space inside a system. The C14 is a complimentary design that tackles a different, yet equally demanding market space.

We are very impressed with this cooler, the quailty is unquestionable and the cooling performance is stunning. Another masterpiece from the Austrian cooling company who are consistently redefining the term ‘high quality cooling’.

KitGuru says: Ideal for a wide range of uses, and with two of the finest 14cm fans on the market.

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Rating: 9.0.

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