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Prolimatech Genesis All-in-one CPU Cooler Review

Rating: 8.0.

Prolimatech have just released a new cooler called the Genesis which is targeting the high end sector with a radical and rather unusual design. The heatsink is split into two parts with positions available for a multiple fan cooling configuration. This means it can cool the processor, RAM, MOFSET and even Northbridge chipset.

This cooler is set to take on the CoolerMaster V10, Thermaltake Frio, and even the Noctua NH D14. One heatsink stands vertically facing towards the backplate of the motherboard, while the other rests horizontally over the DIMM slots, with enough space to accommodate oversized heatspreaders.

The whole product weighs in at 800g and measures 21.6cm long. Prolimatech also supply a universal mounting system which helps with the installation procedure.

  • High clearance for better motherboard compatibility.
  • Massive cooling range; cools not only CPU but also MOSFET and RAM.
  • Cooler surrounding temperature allowing more stable environment for higher overclock.
  • Takes both 12 and 14cm fans for a maximum installation of 3 fans.
  • Six high quality heatpipes for effective heat transfer.
  • Light weight at 800 kgs (without fans) in the highend class.
  • Intel and AMD platform supported. All mounting hardwares are included.

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  • Firestorm

    damn, I thought this was going to be awesome. I guess its pretty good, but outclassed by the D14. needs to be £10 less.

  • Nick

    I like the idea, but I get the pain it would be to remove the memory. Not sure about it, I like the design idea and engineering quality but im not sure id take it over a frio. frio on low fan speeds is great.

  • Dave

    The biggest problem is the market right now, everyone is cutting prices and offering coolers with fans. if they were selling this for £50 with two decent fans it would sell more. £50 without a fan? why not just cut out the middle man and get the D14? worth the extra 15 quid and you get two fans. dumb decision and seems rather greedy.

  • NIghtbridge

    I bought this and I think its great. I do agree with the blocked memory. I dread ever wanting to change memory. You can get your fingers into it without removing the board, but I doubt changing memory would be possible. would need to be double jointed and a friend of mr elastic.

  • Colm

    I think a purchase will boil down to the point if you have good fans at home already doing nothing. Otherwise as it says, the D14 becomes the more tempting option.

    Personally I think the antec kuhler is the best of them all, and its small so you get access to the full motherboard without battling against the CPU cooler. Its very important. and I dont think companies are taking this into consideration anymore. I want to get access t o my board. I cant even get near the CMOS switch on my board if I wanted to use one of these coolers.