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Prolimatech Genesis All-in-one CPU Cooler Review

The supplied instructions give a step by step installation procedure but some care will need to be taken beforehand. As we stated earlier in the review, this cooler will cover the memory slots completely so it is important to check that you have the memory installed in the correct slots beforehand.

The backplate is fitted to the rear of the motherboard as seen above. We are using the Asus Rampage III Black Edition for the review today, a 1366 slot motherboard.

Above, once the backplate is fitted, four little rivet nuts are fed through from the back of the motherboard.

The Intel mounting system uses a double ended stud with nut, which screws into the rivets to hold everything in place. The longer side of the stud will attach to the bracket in the next phase.

Once the aluminum mounting strip adapters are fitted, these are locked in place with Intel screw nuts.

The heatsink is then positioned over the strip adapters and locked into place over the CPU with the aluminum mounting plate. Intel spring loaded screws are then used to secure this in place.

Above, the cooler fitted, after we installed some Corsair DDR3 memory into the motherboard. There is enough space to fit memory with oversized heatspreaders although it is pretty much impossible to get access to the slots once the motherboard is fitted into the chassis.

We fitted a 120mm and a 140mm Noctua fan to the cooler, although any fans could be used. There is enough space on the vertical heatsink to fit two 140mm fans, just be careful to make sure the airflow is in the same direction.

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