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Prolimatech Genesis All-in-one CPU Cooler Review

The cooler is very large, split into two heatsink sections, which are joined together by thick heatpipes.

The Genesis heatsinks are positioned with one parallel to the motherboard, and the other perpendicular to the processor. It can accommodate up to three 140mm fans.

The engineering standards are very high and it measures 146 mm x 216.5 mm x 160 mm (L/W/H), weighing 800g. This is pretty much a standard weight now for a high end cooler. The cooler supports Intel 775/1155, 1156, and 1366 as well as AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3 sockets.

The dimensions above show that this is going to take up a lot of motherboard space, and will cover the memory slots when fitted. You had best be sure that you have the memory in the right slots beforehand, otherwise getting access to them again will require a painstaking process of disassembly.

The Genesis cooler is not supplied with any fans, so you will need to make an additional purchase or use fans which you may have at home. We would recommend at least two 120mm fans, however it can accommodate up to three 140mm fans.

The Genesis has six thick heatpipes which split in two directions from the base. This base is nickel plated and is well finished with only a few minor blemishes noted on our review sample.

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