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Thermaltake Contac29 Cooler Review

The Contac 29 incorporates three 8mm heatpipes which make direct contact with the integrated heatspreader on the processor. This is an effective design which has been proven to work very well. These are pressed into 54 aluminum fins with a 12 fin per inch spacing.

The build quality of the cooler is very high and I was surprised when weighing in the relatively modest asking price.

Thermaltake bundle mounting kits for both Intel and AMD systems as well as enough rubber vibration mounts if you wish to add another fan.

Mounting the cooler is exceptionally easy for both Intel and AMD platforms and today we will be concentrating on the AMD platform.

The AMD mounting uses the reference motherboard bracket and a simple bar pulled across the cooler base to attach to each side. The cooler only slightly obstructs the first ram slot but it is still accessible, if a little tricky.

Thermaltake supply a small tube of high quality paste as well which is a very practical addition.

Once the cooler is in the right position to cover the CPU, you simply twist a tightening lever to ‘lock it’. The mounting procedure takes about a minute, it really is that simple. It is worth pointing out that the cooler can be detached without having to remove the motherboard from a system build … we like that.

Even though we aren’t concentrating on the Intel platform today the mounting system isn’t quite as nice as AMD’s, with four fiddly push pins mounting the cooler. It doesn’t require a screwdriver but it could be implemented better.

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