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Thermaltake Contac29 Cooler Review

Rating: 9.0.

We know KitGuru readers love good coolers – our review of the Noctua Austrian Sandwich (NH D14) has been read by over 60,000 people in the last three weeks. That said, we also know that a substantial portion of that readership couldn’t afford to pay almost £70 for pride of ownership. It is a lot of dosh.

To cater to a broader market today we are going to be looking at the critically acclaimed Thermaltake Contac29 Direct which retails at a very competitive £20 inc vat in the UK.

Unlike many, Thermaltake products are easily purchased in most high street stores such as PC World, this can ensure many ‘impulse buys’ – but is it worth your hard earned cash?

MODEL Thermaltake Contac 29
Materials Aluminum Fins, copper heatpipes, aluminum base with exposed heatpipes
Fan Mfg Hong Sheng A1225L12S
Fan Spec 800-2,000 rpm, 12v, 0.30A
Fan Dimension 25x120x120 mm
Heatsink & Fan Dim: 160x120x77 mm
Weight: 558 grams
Accessories Multi socket mounting hardware, instructions, thermal compound

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  • Fluffychicken

    My buddy has this cooler its great for the price, I agree.

  • Tim

    Really solid results in t hose tests. I had been looking at a new one.

  • Death Dealer

    It was the only thing putting me off the NOctua cooler. the incredibly high price which I thought was quite ridiculous. costs more than the Corsair watercooling H50 for instance in the UK. Surely a lump of metal cant cost more than pumps, radiators etc?

  • Tech Head

    I have an old arctic cooling product, I think it might be good time for an upgrade 🙂

  • Sack Killers

    Nice review, I read a few reviews of this before and it seems everyone loves it. they must be doing somethign right 🙂

  • Fred

    Heh, good timing, was just heading out to get a new cooler for my new 6 core AMD chip. shall hunt this out ! thanks.

  • Ray

    I love the orange fan, is it ok to say that without getting slagged off ? 🙂

  • Terry

    I like that, and congratulations to Thermaltake for not ripping people off. some of these new coolers are ridiculously priced.

  • Number One

    wow thats better than I thought it would be. I passed over it in a shop recently when I saw the crappy box and cheap price. shall have another look over it.

    nice to see a site focusing on AMD CPUs for change, there are a lot of us out there with an eye on value for money !

  • Stefan

    I skimped over reviews of this in the past, but I read the KitGuru one (as I do with all of them). What a great product, and so well priced.

  • Jonesy Loverboy

    Hello editors, thanks for the review, found it on google. helped me make a buying decision!

  • Garry Mod

    Excellent review and nice cross section of coolers showing comparative products and a single class leading one at 3 times the price for any possible gains if you can dip further into your bank.

    I think I will order one of these for my upcoming AMD system build 🙂

  • Tres Bein

    Thanks, I was wondering about this and I don’t trust many sites for reviews. Might pick one of these up next week in our local store, although its 25 quid with them.

  • When Bobby met Delilah

    Its purty ! I like it. good price too, I like it more. Ordered one from YoyoTech this morning

  • PeteK

    I’m going for it! Does anyone know if Thermaltake does a version with the second fan included in the box already?

  • Tech Head

    Dont think they do Pete. ive never seen them. if i were you id pick up a 120mm Noctua fan and slot that on, they do give the rubber mounts with the cooler. probably cost £8

  • Tech Head

    If you are on a budget, these are good fans. for very little money.