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Titan Hati Cooler Review (TTC-NC15TZ/KU(RB))

Rating: 8.0.

Many of you might not have heard of Titan, however they have over 20 years experience with cooling technology. Their headquarters are in Taiwan and they have an office in Germany. Titan are no small player either, with 500 employees and the capability of producing over 2 million coolers every month. They also focus a lot of their attention on research and development, mainly within the thermal sector.

Today we are looking at their Titan Hati Cooler which is marketed as a mid range performance cooler priced under £30. This particular cooler has three 8mm heatpipes and is based around a tower shaped heatsink with support for dual 120mm fans. The Hati is actually a smaller version of the Fenrir CPU cooler, a formidable design from Titan.


  • 3x8mm heat pipes with heat direct contact technology
  • PWM function fan
  • 12cm Kukri shaped fan
  • includes 4 vibration reducing mounting rubber bolts and has the option for more than one fan
  • compatible with Intel LGA 1366/1156/1155/775/& AMD AM3/AM2+/AMD2

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  • Davis

    price is good and built quality looks equally as impressive. ideal for most people.

  • Tim

    Nice polished finish on the base. better than some of the bigger players ive seen.

    Its a pretty standard and slightly boring design however. but price is good and it will certainly suit a big audience of system builders who want something much better than a reference cooler

  • Brooke

    Good deal. think id pay extra for the frio however, it has t wo fans. even if they are crap

  • Thomas

    Seems like a good buy to me, but id spend another 10 for the Antec 620

  • k0rn

    Yeah, fair review, quite like the appearance, but im more interested in all in water liquid coolers now. they are so compact, quiet and high performing.

    I also want to see a review of the upcoming d14 beater from noctua