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AMD to deliver microprocessors in ‘six-packs’

Advanced Micro Devices on Monday announced a new way to sell its microprocessors to local PC makers. The company plans to ship its chips in packs containing six CPUs/APUs with a discount.

The deal will start with the AMD A8-6600K and the Athlon X4 760K processors. AMD claims that the chips were chosen because of their popularity in the channel market as they feature unlocked multiplier and thus allow hassle-free overclocking. The microprocessors are compatible with the FM2/FM2+ mainboards.

The new Power Packs of six chips have a financial meaning as we well. Each A8-6600K chip in the six-unit “Power Pack” package costs $83, whereas separately it costs $89.


According to AMD, orders are already being fulfilled and the company’s partners are “excited about the opportunities” that the AMD Power Pack brings. AMD Power Packs should arrive in EMEA by late August or early September, the company asserts.

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KitGuru Says: While any discount is good for the market, the particular “AMD Power Pack” initiative is something that does not look that bright. The A8-6600K is an outdated chip based on the 2012’s Piledriver micro-architecture, which is why demand for it will deplete eventually no matter how low the price is.

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