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Deepcool introduces Lucifer K2 high-end CPU cooler

Deepcool, a well-known producer of high-end coolers and computer cases, on Tuesday introduced its new-generation Gamer Storm Lucifer K2 cooler, which supports all microprocessors available today, including the latest Intel Core i7/i5 “Skylake” central processing units in LGA1151 packaging.

The Deepcool Gamer Storm Lucifer K2 processor cooler features massive aluminium heatsink (with more than 1,000,000mm² total area) with six copper heatpipes, copper base and a high-quality 120mm slim PWM fan. According to the manufacturer, the cooling system can cool-down CPUs with up to 130W thermal design power with 600±150 – 1800±10% revolutions per minute.

Lucifer k2 1

Central processing units with low TDP can be cooled down passively using the Deepcool Gamer Storm Lucifer K2 cooler with the help of good airflow channel inside the case. Usage of a slim fan ensures lack of problems with installation of memory modules.

Lucifer K2 5

The Lucifer K2 cooler is compatible with all modern and outdated microprocessors from Advanced Micro Devices and Intel Corp.

The Lucifer K2 will be available globally on early September 2015. Recommended price of the product is $79.99.

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KitGuru Says: The original Lucifer cooler was a good performer and the Lucifer K2 has all chances to be a nice cooling system as well. Unfortunately, it is not exactly affordable, but good things tend to cost more than ordinary products.

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