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ARIA taking orders for Intel Haswell processors

Well you guys won’t have too long to wait now for reviews of Haswell processors on your favourite websites. We noticed this morning that ARIA have just gone live with their stock of the new range of Intel processors. Kitguru can’t spill the beans we are under NDA still, but you can get hold of a shiny new HASWELL chip yourself already … if you sure you are moving to the new platform.

The listings show that ARIA are charging £278.99 inc vat for the upcoming high end Core i7 4770k (K = unlocked) with the plain Core i7 4770 coming in at £248.99 inc vat. The Core i5 4670k is quite a lot cheaper, retailing for £192.95 inc vat.

If you want to get the full information and can’t wait for the reviews – then head over to this page and pick yourself up a new Haswell chip.

Kitguru says: ARIA first out of the blocks again?

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    When does the NDA expire?

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    Why are intel cpu so expensive?