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Aria taking pre-orders for Intel i5-2550k

We reported a short while ago that Intel were planning to release a new range of Core i5 processors with the graphics circuitry stripped from the die. Makes sense really as many enthusiast users have never touched, or have no interest in using that part of the design, opting for discrete graphics instead.

From what we have heard the upcoming 2550k is going to be an overclocking powerhouse, but we obviously can't confirm until we get our hands on one. ARIA have preempted the demand for the new design by taking pre-orders.

The OEM package is available for £169.99 and the RETAIL package is available for £179.99

Launch date hasn't been set in stone yet, but latest indicators would suggest within the next two weeks.

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  1. Wonder how much higher they would OC? maybe 200mhz more? most 2500ks hit 4.8ghz easy enough. maybe 5ghz with good air cooling?

  2. Exactly what Intel need to be doing – I for one would love to see an i7 varient with the onboard GPU stripped. In any event, will be very interesting to see if theres a vast difference in how they overclock.

  3. has the price gone up? looks like it. They take bits out and the price is more? doesnt sound too logical to me.