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Bulldozer engineering sample overclocked to 5.1ghz on air

Thanks to reader Milosevic for the heads up with this news today. A chap from the Czech Republic who goes under the name of ‘CzechPCTuning’ has managed to get an engineering sample of a Bulldozer chip (FX-8130P) to over 5ghz with merely air cooling.

According to his blog and youtube page it looks like it wasn’t that hard a task at all, and if this is true, then it bodes well for later in the year when the hardcore overclockers get their hands on the upcoming processors.

He did decide to black out some of the CPUz screenshots, although I would assume he isn’t under NDA otherwise he wouldn’t be doing this before launch. As usual, the comments on the Youtube page are debating whether the whole video is faked or not.

Kitguru says: Bulldozer more exciting for you now?

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  • Raymond

    It would hardly matter to AMD, this is a deliberate video release set to hype the new processors. give it to someone who knows how to overclock it and post it all on a blog page? its perfect.

    I am really interested to see how these perform. if they can target the 2600k then it will do well, but im unsure if AMD have the ability.

  • Terrance

    Its not quite as good as it seems, it wasnt stable at 5.1ghz and he had to downclock it to 4.8ghz to get it cinebench stable.

    still, it is pretty much in line with core i5 2600k and 2500k overclocking speeds.

  • thomasxstewart

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150240963002689&set=a.430004732688.194550.583087688&type=1&theaters lower pic is SB,Notice how lousey die is cut, circle is gpu area, real busted job. top is llano, see clean perfect mechanism, again circle is aroung gpu.


  • Deathstar one


    What are you saying, the engineering is poor? or there are problems or will be problems?

  • Hakuren

    I don’t know like author but I thought that Czechoslovakia ceased to exist in 1992. 😛