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Silverstone Strider Plus 1000W Review (SST-ST1000-P)

Rating: 9.0.

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Silverstone Strider Gold 1200W power supply and we were very impressed with the results. If you can’t quite stretch to the £200+ asking price, then today’s review product might just hit the spot. The SilverStone Strider Plus 1000W power supply costs around £100 less, but maintains a modular design with 80 Plus Silver Certification. Is it worth your money?

The Silverstone Strider Plus 1000W is a single +12V rail design and they have equipped it with a large 135mm fan to keep noise levels to a minimum, at only 160mm deep it should fit in every modern enthusiast case, meaning compatibility is maximised.

Main specifications:

  • 1000W 24hour continuous power output with 40℃operating temperature
  • 1100W peak power
  • 100% modular cables
  • Efficiency 85%~88% at 20%~100% loading
  • Class-leading single +12V rail with 80A (peak 85A)
  • Strict ±3% voltage regulation and low ripple & noise
  • Japanese main capacitors
  • Silent running 135mm fan with 19dBA minimum
  • Dual EPS 8pin connectors support
  • Four PCI-E 8pin and six PCI-E 6pin connectors support
  • Support ATX 12V 2.3 & EPS 12V
  • Active PFC

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  • Ben

    I always wondered why more companies didnt do ‘silver’ rated power supplies, because they are better than bronze on an efficiency level, but not as expensive as gold. the price is great.

  • Thomas

    The embossing is nice, but its hard to see. my buddy has a silverstone PSU and they should tint it or something to stand out.

    technically, they seem decent, but enhance are good.

  • Gibby

    Excellent all round pricing for the performance. I can’t justify spending over 200 quid on a PSU, but just over 100 quid, makes more sense.

  • Norman

    Dont do what I did. spend a lot of time on a system build, cutting the case with a dremele and modding a nice panel.

    Then spending 100 quid on a PSU which wasn’t modular. Routing the cables was a nightmare. fully modular for me all the time now.

  • Deathstar one

    Generally these are around 150-180. So its good to see some company with the sense to balance 80 plus bronze pricing with 80 plus gold efficiency and release a midway silver.

    I agree with previous reader who said he doesnt understand why more companies dont aim at silver market. it seems the best price to efficiency balance to me.

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