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Intel Core i7 970 drops in price from £700 to £450

If you haven’t yet jumped into a new Sandybridge system upgrade then today’s news might help cheer you up. Over the weekend Intel have reduced the cost of some of their LGA1366 processor range. The quad core i7 960 and hexa core i7 970.

Last week the i7 960 cost £460, and that has dropped to £240 over the weekend – working out at a 48 percent price reduction. Very nice indeed.

The biggest news in our opinion is with the Core i7 970 processor which is a 12 core design, comprising 6 physical cores with 6 virtual cores. When this processor was released it cost £40 less than the 980x Extreme Edition, meaning that sales were always going to fairly limited.

Over the weekend Intel have dropped this price to £450, which is a hell of a saving for class leading processing performance. We have several of these chips in our labs and in the right hands, with a good motherboard they can easily hit 4.5ghz with hard core air cooling (think Noctua NH D14).

KitGuru says: Just be aware that before you buy not to pay the full price from last week, some stores are slow with updating the pricing.

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