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Mercury Research: AMD reaches highest overall x86 CPU share since Q4 2013

Mercury Research, known for tracking CPU and GPU market share, published its latest report this week, showing a new record for AMD. According to their stats, AMD's overall x86 CPU share in Q2 2020 was the company's highest since 2013. 

Last week we reported that AMD had presented strong Q2 financial results, with a growth of 26 percent. Now Mercury Research report confirms that AMD is going strong not only financially but also when it comes to market share. AMD's Q2 2020 share of x86 CPUs was reported to be 18.3% – an increase of 3.5 share points Quarter-on-Quarter and 1.2 share points Year-on-Year.

AMD's desktop CPU market share has grown for ten consecutive quarters, showing consistent growth since the start of 2018. AMD has also made gains in the x86 laptop CPU market, with a reported overall share of 19.9% – an increase of 5.8 share points Year-on-Year.

The results from Mercury Research show that AMD's notebook share has grown in 12 consecutive quarters and reached a new record in the notebook segment, with the company's previous high being 19.4%, achieved in Q4 2006.

KitGuru says: AMD's growth in the last few years has been very impressive and so far, the company doesn't seem to be showing signs of slowing down. Hopefully the upcoming launch of Zen 3 and RDNA 2 can keep this ball rolling. 

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