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Obsidian director Josh Sawyer is working on an unannounced game

Just recently, Obsidian announced its next big RPG, ‘Avowed', which will launch on Xbox Series X and PC at some point in the future. With Obsidian putting its weight behind a first-person fantasy RPG, many have been wondering if Josh Sawyer, director of Pillars of Eternity, is involved. As it turns out, Sawyer is directing a different unannounced project. 

Obsidian appears to be hitting the ground running as part of the Xbox Game Studios family. Not only are we getting two story expansions for The Outer Worlds, Grounded and Avowed, but we'll also be getting a new game directed by Josh Sawyer:

This is exciting news, although needless to say, we don't know any other details at this point. Josh Sawyer was a huge part of Obsidian's comeback several years ago, when it crawled back from the brink of bankruptcy with Pillars of Eternity. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire unfortunately didn't sell as well as the original game, so Sawyer may well be exploring a completely different idea at this point.

Whatever this game ends up being, we likely won't see it announced officially for quite some time.

KitGuru Says: Obsidian has always been a multi-project studio, so this isn't too surprising. Still it is awesome to hear that there is still more to come beyond Obsidian's currently announced slate of games. 

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