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The Outer Worlds surpasses 5 million copies sold

Obsidian Entertainment has made a name for itself by creating a whole host of engaging and deep RPGs – perhaps known most fondly for their work on the much-loved Fallout: New Vegas. In 2019, the studio released a spiritual-successor to New Vegas in the form of The Outer Worlds. Celebrating …

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Fallout New Vegas 2 referenced in Steam developer branch

Bethesda is unlikely to get around to Fallout 5 until the end of this decade, as the company plans to tackle The Elder Scrolls 6 before making a new Fallout game. This has left fans asking for Obsidian to step in and make a new spin-off similar to Fallout New Vegas. We've heard that Obsidian would be interested and curiously enough, references to New Vegas 2 have now been found on SteamDB. 

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Obsidian co-founder wants Fallout back

Throughout 2022, we heard rumours that Obsidian may take the Fallout IP back on to help alleviate the long wait ahead for Bethesda's Fallout 5. Following that, Obsidian leadership has repeatedly expressed interest in returning to Fallout, and this trend has continued into 2023. We've heard from Obsidian CEO, Feargus …

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