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AMD’s Bulldozer is a sales success

AMD’s Bulldozer was launched to a mixed, predominately negative press reaction as the performance results were lower than expected. High power consumption has also been a kicking point for the company on the forums. It may come as a surprise to many then that they are selling very well. We spoke to several stores in the last couple of days and they are apparently selling out as soon as stock lands.

This may come as a shock to some people, especially as the pricing isn’t as low as some of the enthusiast audience would expect. We don’t have detailed figures on the sales at this point, but they look to be very positive, although stock levels in specific regions appear to be low. Clearly, their ‘8 core processor’ advertising campaigns have paid off.

AMD are calling a halt to the shipping of some processors, such as those in the Phenom II and Athlon II range. The reason is said to be because the manufacturing plants share equipment between older 45nm and newer 32nm products, causing logistics issues. According to reports circulating however, the X4 960T will continue to sell until stocks are out.

Kitguru says: A surprise success story for AMD.

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