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AMD hijacks Intel giveaway, offering winners a chance to swap to Threadripper

For the 40th celebration of x86 architecture and the launch of its commemorative i7-8086K processor, Intel ran a sweepstake offering 2,086 fans the chance to win the new CPU. AMD just couldn’t let this opportunity to troll its rival slide, doubling down on its top-of-the-line processors by offering the chance to switch over to Threadripper 1950X instead.

“We appreciate the advancements they've helped drive with the x86 architecture over the last four decades. But, we're ready to take it from here,” AMD states as it looks towards the future. “That’s why we’re giving 40 performance-hungry enthusiasts in the U.S. an opportunity to celebrate the next 40 years of high-performance computing by trading in their commemorative processor prize for our CPU that enables you to work, play and create with heavy metal.”

Luckily, the Team Blue took it like a champ, retorting on Twitter: “if you wanted an Intel Core i7-8086K processor too, you could have just asked us. 🙂 Thanks for helping us celebrate the 8086!”

After a lengthy stagnant period, AMD have come roaring back into the CPU market with its Ryzen processors, constantly bolstering its numbers. The latest Threadripper 1950X boasts an impressive 16 cores and 32 threads, while Intel’s Core i7-8086K sits at just 6c and 12t respectively.

Intel is far from out of the game, however, as real world numbers often show the Core i7-8086K to outperform the Threadripper 1950X with gaming, even with AMD’s touted “game mode.” AMD’s offering is much more suited to multi-tasking thanks to its “superb multi-threaded performance,” according to KitGuru’s very own Luke Hill, however it is incredibly power hungry.

Just like Intel’s original sweepstake, AMD is limiting the swap to residents of the United States. Only 40 Threadripper 1950Xs are on offer for the exchange, given out on a first come, first serve basis.

KitGuru Says: It’s always fun to see the two giants butt heads in the way of friendly competition. Hopefully Intel has something sneaky in store to get Team Red back in the near future. What do you think of AMD’s latest troll, or how Intel has handled it so far?

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