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Aria sells MSI mainboard after Intel Z77 reviews leak out

Most times modern technology will launch under strict guidelines from manufacturer. Bigger launches have more rules and the possibility of serious consequences for flaunting them. All mainboard vendors were showing Z77 designs at CeBIT this week, but only MSI boards seem to have been reviewed or sold. We investigate.

Like all good sites, KitGuru uses spiders and other devices to look for keywords when we believe there is a story brewing. Tingle, tingle Z77 reviews and sales have both been trapped. Its not often that an Intel product will begin to win the reviews before it has been launched, but that has not stopped several web sites from awarding plaudits.

Friends at Futuremark have been catching early web reviews of Intel Z77 mainboards from MSI

So the board is looking good,but what if you have a burning need to smash your piggy bank and take your coins to the store? Looks like Aria has beaten its rivals to the mark and it has the Z77 on sale, in stock and shipping next day. Useful if you want to pre-assemble system ready for CPU to arrive we guess.

The unveiling Intel NDA for its 3rd generation Core processors feels a lot like peeling onions

The full range of MSI Z77 boards appears to be available for quick delivery

KitGuru says: We can’t pretend to understand the intricacies of Intel’s new processing technology when it has been previewed to the press a long time back, the boards are all on show at CeBIT, the reviews have been published and product on sale. Call us boring, but we’re going to wait for the official launch and then tell the world what we know.

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