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Socket FM2 A85 FCH motherboards for Trinity coming in June

Through discussions with sources in the motherboard industry at CeBIT it's been determined that AMD's upcoming A10 and A8 “Trinity” APUs will be launched near the end of Q2 and into Q3 (May – June), with accompanying motherboards to start arriving in June.

AMD's Trinity APUs are built using the new FM2 package which means the requirement of a new breed of FM2 socket motherboards due to backward incompatibility with the FM1 socket. This will begin with a bit of a sidestep initially where The “Virgo” platform will migrate the existing A75 FCH chipset with Trinity's FM2-accommodating socket.

The following run of FM2 boards said to be arriving in June will be based around AMD's next-gen A85 FCH chipset which we still know very little about at this time other than picking up USB-IF certification, which indicates the possibility of incorporated native USB 3.0.

KitGuru says: There's significant potential for Trinity to really impress with the use of Piledriver cores and a beefed up GPU. What we need now is some solid benchmark results to be shared out.

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