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Apple brings 1080p video support in iTunes 10.6

Coinciding with yesterday’s launch of Apple’s third-gen iPad lineup and the new Apple TV with support for 1080p HD video, a new version of iTunes has also been released, 10.6 which rolls in 1080p support for both movies and TV shows to suit the new Apple TV device.

iTunes 10.6 also brings with it several improvements to iTunes Match such as superior song matching capabilities and the way in which album artwork is downloaded and displayed.

There are also a number of annoying issues addressed including one where songs might skip when playing from iCloud. Also, where previously iTunes was limited to the option of converting higher bit rate songs down to 128-kbps AAC files when syncing them to your iOS device(s)/iPods in efforts to save storage space, iTunes 10.6 now gives additional options and lets you choose between 128, 192 and 256-kbps for on-the-fly conversion during syncing.

You can update to iTunes 10.6 by either using the Software update tool or via Apple’s iTunes download page.

KitGuru says: Welcome to the present Apple. 1080p only arrived how many years ago now?

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