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Zeiss wobble the audience with OLED 3D goggles

One of the biggest attractions for CeBIT 2012 was the 3D area. But unlike previous goggles from companies like nVidia, the next generation of headset will have far more functionality. Zeiss is leading the charge so we followed the crowds.

Coming off even the slowest carousel as a toddler was enough to make you wobble and fall. As you grow older, your ability to deal with changes in reality develop, but every now and then something comes along to challenge your brain’s ability to deal with the world.

At CeBIT 2012, some very attractive Zeiss people were handing next-gen headsets to a long queue of willing victims – and almost all of them wobbled when the demo was over. So what was causing the intense interest in sensory distortion?

Victim on the left was handed the cool looking device by the nice young Zeiss lady on the right.

Aside from the extraordinary clarity offered by the headsets, they also incorporate movement sensors that allow you to move your virtual head and eyes in the same way as you would in normal life. Look up and, indeed, the whole world looks up with you. By the same token, look down when you’re near a chasm and you will get a tweak of vertigo and the urge to jump.

The Cinemizer offers a 720p experience – perfect for the demonstration set up provided by Inreal technologies software.

As well as effective in-game action, you can also control a camera attached to the underbelly of something like a helicopter, which will – no doubt – create security and perving issues before long.

KitGuru predicts some rapid changes in the laws governing flying remote controlled aircraft for fun

KitGuru says: You can expect to own one of these cool devices for around £500 toward the hotter months.

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