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Water cooling in a super computer called Trinity

Los Alamos Strategic Computing Center

I'm sure your gaming PC is astonishingly powerful and some of you probably have some pretty incredible custom built water cooling solutions, but they don't stand a chance next to the water cooling system currently being installed at the Los Alamos' Strategic Computing Center for the new Trinity supercomputer. Previous supercomputers at the …

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AMD and HP quietly debut FX-670K microprocessor

From time to time large PC makers unveil hardware that chip companies like Advanced Micro Devices would rather not discuss with the general public. Recently it turned out that some of the desktops sold by Hewlett-Packard carry a strange microprocessor called AMD FX-670K, which does not seem to be exactly …

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AMD Launches Its 2013 Mobile APU Products

A short while ago, KitGuru was invited to AMD's press event with the agenda of discussing the company's mobile products for 2013. It is clear that the mobile market is a big priority for the US-based chip maker, so read on to find out what AMD has in store for …

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Slip in Moore’s Law suits Intel product planning

We've all watched the Olympics. How many times have we seen a close-fought race end in a new world record? How many times have we seen one person completely dominate an event, only to pull up before the finishing line and miss smashing the old record by a big margin. …

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AMD Trinity A10 5800k performance demonstration

You always need to be at least a little suspicious when a company shows you a set of comparative benchmarks. But, as they say, forwarned is forarmed. AMD had a number of systems on show in London yesterday and world famous overclocking expert (and now AMD PR expert) Sami Makinen …

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AMD shares its 2012-2013 roadmap

Today we get a clearer picture of AMD's hardware plans heading well into 2013 thanks to the company presenting an updated client roadmap at its annual Financial Analyst Day yesterday. As we've learned through several previous roadmaps, their APU days have only just begun with preparations for the arrival of …

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