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Trinity gets six-appeal boost from Sapphire, probably

If you want super fast gaming action, then everyone knows that you need a graphics card, Similarly, if you're designing the next generation of bridge or car, then you're likely to be powering up a workstation card. But what if you simply need a LOAD of screen real estate? One of the demonstrations set up by Sapphire at Computex 2012 seems to have had a little more going on than first meets the eye. KitGuru switches to x-rays and peers within the shroud.

First up, this is conjecture. Let's be clear about that, right from the start. The demonstration at Computex was available for anyone to see, but most people didn't give it a second look.

Having scanned back through all of our super-high-res shots of the event, we think we spotted something. Something rather interesting. Buy it's not something that Sapphire or AMD will discuss. Believe us, we tried.

One of the reasons why many folks would have walked right by this demo, was the headlines that extolled the virtues of digital signage etc. It's not a sexy topic, but it is a huge market – which is expanding to eat up much of the traditional print budget.

The six screens show the potential for being able to drive that amount of resolution/displays. The shot to the right shows, we believe, an anonymous Trinity system with a Sapphire signal splitter attached to each of the 3 outputs from the integrated graphics solution – giving one tiny/low cost system some much needed ‘Six' appeal.

The demo looks plain enough for most people to walk straight past - but the blacked out chassis hides a secret

KitGuru says: Low cost, highly featured systems will play an ever bigger role in the future. If that is what Sapphire has managed to create using AMD's low-priced, next generation APU technology, then we're not sure why it's such a secret.

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