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AMD Strix Point APU with 12 cores spotted in benchmark database

MilkyWay@Home, a distributed computing platform, has become a popular tool for AMD engineers to swiftly test unreleased technology. That has led to various spottings throughout the last few years, allowing enthusiasts to find entries for unreleased products. The new MilkyWay@Home entry shared by @Benchleaks, focuses on AMD's upcoming Strix Point …

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AMD “Phoenix 2” APU to pack Zen 4 and Zen 4c cores

AMD recently confirmed the existence of the Phoenix 2 APU, a smaller version of the original Phoenix silicon used in mobile systems, laptops, Mini-PCs, and handheld consoles. While it was widely known that AMD would introduce a smaller die based on the Zen 4 and RDNA 3 architectures, the exact …

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AMD Zen 5-based Ryzen 8000 mobile CPU specs reportedly leak

We're still some ways off from AMD officially announcing new Zen 5 CPUs and its next generation of Ryzen processors for laptops. However, according to a new report, specs are beginning to leak. A new video from Moore's Law Is Dead reports information about the CPU and GPU architectures for …

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Leo Reacts – AMD Keynote Computex 2021

Dr. Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, had a great time presenting her Computex keynote address. AMD continues to make inroads in the server and workstation markets with EPYC, while their Ryzen desktop CPUs are the first choice for PC enthusiasts. AMD RDNA 2 graphics are pretty darn good, however there is no denying that Nvidia dominates the graphics market. And then we have laptops to consider and yes, Dr. Su delivered a 'one final thing' moment before she signed off...

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Ryzen 4000 Mobile – 7nm Zen 2 & Vega Explained

AMD has shared more details on its upcoming Ryzen 4000 Mobile 'Renoir' APUs with 7nm Zen 2 and Vega cores. Offering up to eight cores and sixteen threads from the Zen 2-based CPU cores in 15W and 45W form, will AMD be able to compete against Intel's dominance in the mobile market? And how will AMD's strict focus on high performance graphics capability compare to Intel's competition?

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