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AMD 4700S processor desktop kit appears to be a PS5 APU

More details about the AMD 4700S processor desktop kit have come to light, and apparently, it's actually based on the PlayStation 5 SoC, rather than the Xbox Series X/S chip. Moreover, additional benchmarks results have also been posted online and compared to an Intel Core i7-11700.

Initially, it was thought that the APU of the AMD 4700S was based on the Xbox Series X|S APU. However, after putting a photo of a PS5 SoC side-by-side with that of the 4700S APU as Andreas Schilling did, we can see several similarities between both.

The photo of the AMD 4700S SoC is from Bodnara, the site has also tested the desktop processor kit, revealing more benchmark performance results. This particular version of the desktop kit has 16GB of memory from SK Hynix, clocked at 14Gbps.  These modules are soldered to the back of the board.

As you might already know, the 4700S' iGPU comes disabled, so AMD included a Radeon 550 GPU in the bundle. This card was used to benchmark the system. It's also worth noting that during the tests, the CPU reached clock speeds of 3.2GHz.

For comparison purposes, the AMD 4700S kit was put against an Intel Core i7-11700 using the iGPU. Overall, the 4700S beat the Core i7-11700 in all the tested 3DMark benchmarks, Overwatch and PUBG. On League of Legends, the Intel system was slightly faster. In memory-centric scenarios, GDDR6 memory outperforms the DDR4-3200 memory in the Intel PC by up to 135%.

KitGuru says: Although the system is recommended for home and office use, it looks like it could also work as a starting point for a budget gaming system.

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