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Leo and Luke Tech Talk (April 2021) – AMD Zen 3+

The rumours are flying that AMD will release a Zen 3+ refresh on a TSMC 6nm process some time in 2021, which means we can look forward to updates for Ryzen desktop, Ryzen Mobile and perhaps also new Threadrippers. Luke and Leo take this opportunity to speculate wildly and make no apologies for their blatant attempt to cajole AMD into delivering new CPUs.

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00:00​ Start
00:15​ Introduction
00:31​ Leo asks a question
02:32​ 6nm (?) – Roadmap
03:59​ Threadripper / Pro
07:12​ Did we like those Threadrippers?
08:29​ Zen 3 or Zen 3+ Threadripper
09:45​ If the 8 core can do 4.7/4.8 all cores
11:10​ further down the roadmap
12:35​ Timeframes
16:34​ APUs are more critical now than ever!
18:08​ Here’s a real life story about APUs
20:21​ Zen 3+ closing thoughts

KitGuru covered news of TSMC 6nm and AMD Zen 3+ HERE and we are quite sure that Zen3+ will indeed see the light of day in 2021.

The burning question is how AMD will use Zen3+ and whether it will be straight updates to existing products such as Ryzen 7 6800X with 8 cores/16 threads running at 4.8GHz, or might it be a broader approach that delivers different laptop APUS and updates their mighty Threadrippers.

VideoCardz dug deeper to report rumours about APUs and our eyes were drawn to the 45W Rembrandt that is supposed – finally – to unleash Mobile Navi 2 graphics.

That sounds interesting but the big takeaway for Luke and Leo is, of course ‘AMD, give us those Zen 3 Threadrippers already!'

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KitGuru Says: AMD is maintaining the pressure on Intel in the enthusiastic PC market throughout 2021.

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