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Tesla’s new infotainment system packs a Zen+ APU and a Navi 23 GPU

Tesla's Plaid model cars have been available since June, but only now are we learning about the specific hardware powering its infotainment system. After taking one of these infotainment systems apart, it has been discovered that it is powered by an AMD Zen+ APU paired with a Navi 23 GPU. 

YouTuber Ingineerix posted a video showing the disassembled Plaid car computer and detailing the specifications of its components. In this case, the Zen+ CPU has 4x cores, 8x threads, 0.5MB of L2 cache per core and 4MB of L3 cache. The APU's TDP is set at 45W. As for the dedicated Navi 23 GPU, the YouTuber believes it to be similar to the Radeon Pro W6600.

Instead of using a more modern solution like the V2000 or V3000 embedded APUs, Tesla decided to go for a custom-made APU based on the Zen+ architecture. The SKU is labelled as “YE180FC3T4MFG”, which doesn't match any existing APU. However, its specifications suggest it might be based on the V1000 APU.

Besides the GPU and the CPU, the infotainment system also featured an LG Innotek ATC5CPC001 WiFi/BT Module, a Quectel AG525R-GL cell modem and an SPC5748GSMMJ6 gateway. Moreover, there's a Realtek RTL9068ABD Ethernet switch and two DSPs: ADSP-SC587W SHARC+ Dual ARM Cortex-A5 Core and AD21584 SHARC+ Dual ARM Cortex-A5 core.

KitGuru says: It's impressive to see how far car computers and infotainment systems have come, offering console-level performance on the go. 

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