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Intel chisels Core i7 875k street price in (tomb?) stone

From the dark days of the Pentium 4, Intel has come a long way in its attitude toward the overclocking community. From ‘all overclocks must be stopped' to ‘the clocks that rock'. But how much will the latest overclocking chip of the Core generation set you back?

Setting the price of a chip is a delicate science. One that Intel has mastered in recent years. For the enthusiast community, sales of the i7 series have centred on the 920 and now the 930.

While the ultra high-end 965, 975 and 980 chips have found favour with the workstation and design community, the i7-860 has been left behind as the poor cousin that no one seems to want. It has been unfortunately sandwiched between the higher performing 930 and cheaper Core i5 750.

With the ‘Special K’ version, Intel is looking to change that, by completely unlocking the internals and pricing it to compete. So, the killer question is, “Just how much will it cost?”. KitGuru now believes that the UK street price will be around £275. That makes it up to £50 more expensive than the triple channel i7-930. Is the price point right ?

KitGuru says: Word on the (virtual) street indicated that the Intel Core i7-875k processor will reach at least 4.2Ghz on air. However, the Core i5-750 is a shade over £150 and can already clock to 4GHz. Until we see final benchmarking data, it’s going to be hard to justify the additional £125.

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