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XFX HD5870 Black Edition Review

Rating: 9.0.

XFX. Those three letters immediately conjure visions of video gaming excellence – especially when you delve into their high end product range. Without doubt, along with Sapphire, XFX have been producing some of the finest graphics cards on the market over the last decade.

Today we have the chance to look at something rather special from them – their latest high end card, the HD 5870 Black Edition. Now when you say HD5870, XFX and Black Edition together you can be assured that the product in your hands is going to happily devour the frame rate of any game you throw at it. The card is a 1GB model with a 900mhz Core clock and the GDDR5 memory runs at 5Gbps.

Let's keep ramping the tension because the card on test today is not only massively overclocked, but it features a new cooling and fan system which aims to not only reduce temperatures, but also to lower noise.

We put the card through its paces today and as we all like a quieter, cooler gaming experience we focus on the proprietary cooler system. If you already have a HD 5870 we also look at the benefits over a reference card.

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