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Panasonic Toughbook CF-31: Hard as nails

Panasonic have been making Toughbooks for quite some time and they are commonly known as the leaders in this particular field. They have released the new Toughbook CF31 which is apparently not only extremely tough but rather quite pretty.

The CF-30 is the fifth generation Toughbook and makes a claim for fame in the worlds toughest environments. The unit will be available in three different configurations. Value, Standard and Performance with a choice of Intel Core i3 or i5 processors – you can even add an ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650 to pair up with the integrated onboard Intel solution.

This is just all cream on the cake as the Toughbooks are used primarily in extreme conditions. Magnesium alloy is the material of choice which is thermally reflective and wont scratch easily. The notebook has managed to get a MIL STD 810G rating which basically means it can withstand incredible amounts of water, dust and vibration and not fail.

Battery life is rated at 11 hours and it comes with a 13.1 inch low reflection touchscreen LCD rated at 1,100 nits. There are four USB ports, HDMI out with Wifi and Bluetooth as standard.

The price is a staggering £3,912 for the basic model, so we can assume that not many people will be using this for their nights playing World Of Warcraft online.

Panasonic are keen to show just how tough this thing is so here is a video for your enjoyment. Yes, that orange tie is for real.


KitGuru says: Its well hard.

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