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Amazon UK listings show potential prices for Intel 13th Gen Core chips

We're just hours away from Intel kicking off its ‘Innovation' event and unveiling its new generation of desktop processors. In the lead-up, listings for the new CPUs began popping up on Amazon UK, giving us an early look at pricing, which has increased compared to last generation.

The listings were found and shared by @momomo_us. As per his findings, only four 13th Gen Core processors were listed on Amazon UK, including three ‘KF' processors expected to come with the initial line-up and one ‘K' processor. It's unclear if the prices on the listings are placeholders or the actual cost of the CPUs.

The most expensive 13th Gen Core chip listed on Amazon UK is the Core i9-13900KF, which goes for £750.12 – roughly £150 more than a Core i9-12900K at launch. Moving on to the i7 chips, the 13700K is listed at £547.22, and the KF model goes for £516.58. That's considerably higher than their predecessors, which cost around £400. Lastly, the Core i5-13600KF is listed for £349.75, significantly more than the £280 that retailers were asking for the Core i5-12600KF when it became available.

Intel is expected to announce the Raptor Lake chips later today, where it will hopefully reveal the pricing.

KitGuru says: We'll have to wait and see what Intel's suggested pricing ends up being once the 13th Gen Core processors are revealed later today. 

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