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AMD announces Ryzen 5000 PRO mobile processors

This week, AMD has announced its new Ryzen 5000 PRO series of mobile processors, complete with Zen 3 cores and AMD's security feature set to provide “leadership performance and enterprise-class security solutions”. 

According to Saeid Moshkelani, senior vice president and general manager of the client business unit at AMD, distributed work environments require more security and performance from enterprise laptops. Designed to meet these needs, the AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 series mobile processors push the capabilities of business notebooks by delivering “best-in-class user experiences with leadership performance, exceptional battery life and robust security features for every work environment”.

Featuring AMD PRO technologies, the Ryzen 5000U PRO processors come embedded with protections at every layer, from the silicon to the OS. While AMD Memory Guard focuses on protecting your data and identity, AMD Shadow Stack protects the hardware against unwanted malware attacks. The Ryzen 5000U PRO processors also feature AMD PRO manageability and support for Microsoft Endpoint Manager to simplify deployment, imaging, and management on modern IT infrastructures.

The following table details the Ryzen 5000U PRO series SKUs:

Processor Cores/Threads Boost/Base Frequency (GHz) Cache (MB) TDP (W)
Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U 8C/16T Up to 4.4 / 1.9 GHz 20MB 15W
Ryzen 5 PRO 5650U 6C/12T Up to 4.2 / 2.3 GHz 19MB 15W
Ryzen 3 PRO 5450U 4C/8T Up to 4.0/ 2.6 GHz 10MB 15W

Despite their 15W TDP, the upcoming Ryzen 5000U PRO processors deliver up to 65% more performance than the Intel Core i7-1185G7 in selected workloads, and up to 23% faster performance in productivity workloads. Designed to withstand a whole workday, the Ryzen 5000U Pro processors offer up to 17.5 hours of battery life.

All AMD Ryzen 5000U PRO processors are certified as AMD PRO business ready, featuring 18-months of planned software stability and 24-months of planned availability. We'll start seeing the first Ryzen 5000U PRO powered laptops in Q2 2021, with Lenovo and HP being the first partners to utilise them for business laptops.

KitGuru says: Have any of you used a PRO series Ryzen CPU before?  Will you be considering Ryzen 5000 PRO for your next work laptop?

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