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AMD’s AM5 platform rumoured to come with LGA socket, PCIe 4.0 support, and DDR5

A new report detailing the upcoming AM5 platform has surfaced. Instead of using a PGA socket like the AM4 platform, the upcoming platform will reportedly feature an LGA socket — the LGA1718. The report further tells us that the AM5 platform will “only” support PCIe 4.0 connectivity and dual-channel DDR5 memory.

In a PGA (pin grid array) socket platform, the processor features the connection pins, while in an LGA (land grid array) socket platform, the pins are on the motherboard socket. LGA socket types are usually associated with Intel, but AMD has also been using them for quite some time. Some LGA sockets from AMD include the LGA1207, LGA1944, and LGA4094.

As per @ExecutableFix, PCIe 5.0 won't be included in the 600 series motherboards, as only Genoa (Epyc 7004 series) will support such connectivity. The leaker also reported that the AM5 platform's CPU socket will be 40x40mm, the same as AM4's socket.

The release date for the successors of the AMD 500-series and the Ryzen 5000 series processors hasn't been confirmed, but rumours point to 2022.

KitGuru says: It looks like AMD is going to be shaking up its platform a bit in the next couple of years, although there is the disadvantage of PCIe 4.0 on AM5 versus PCIe 5.0 on Intel's upcoming Alder Lake-S platform. 

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