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First Intel Raptor Lake refresh CPUs expected to be announced in October

By now, you may have heard that Intel is planning a refresh of the Raptor Lake CPUs. These are now expected to come in October for the K chips, followed by the non-K processors in November or December. As we learned in Intel's rebranding announcement this week, Intel will be moving away from the ‘Core i' naming scheme to Core Ultra for new processors, but this will start with Meteor Lake chips, meaning these refreshed Raptor Lake CPUs should still use the old naming scheme. 

According to Golden Pig Upgrade (via VideoCardz), the Raptor Lake refresh CPUs will be part of the 14th Gen Core series. The video explains that the Raptor Lake-S/HX series will be included in the 14th Gen Core segment, while the new branding will be used for the Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake-U/P models.

As for the rumoured release date, the report comes from ECSM (via HXL). As per the leaker, the 14th Gen Core “K” chips will be revealed in October, while the non-K SKUs should arrive in November or December. ECSM also claims that in addition to the previously mentioned Raptor Lake Refresh for client desktops, there are now discussions about a Sapphire Rapids Refresh for the Xeon W2500/W3500 series, which may come out in early 2024.

The leaker also mentioned that Raptor Lake Refresh will be compatible with all Intel 600 and 700 motherboards, extending the lifespan of the LGA1700 platform for at least another year. The same compatibility will apply to the Xeon W-2500 and W-3500 series, serving as a drop-in replacement for the W790 platform.

With the cancellation of Meteor Lake-S, there won't be any significant updates for the client desktop platform until Arrow Lake-S arrives. This would mean that there won't be any Intel Core branding updates for the desktop platform until that time.

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KitGuru says: Like AMD, the changes in Intel's CPU naming scheme may generate some confusion during the first months. However, this should improve once the new “Core Ultra” branding is fully implemented.

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