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Intel 14th Gen Core K CPUs to be up to 200MHz faster than predecessors

The Intel 14th Gen Core series is expected to be available in a few months. However, its specifications are often known far sooner to insiders and OEM partners, who have no problem sharing this information with others, as seen by the data that has just recently been posted online.

Benchlife (via @momomo_us) just posted what it claims to be the entire spec sheet for the 14th Gen Core K chips. The Raptor Lake refresh was supposed to provide faster clock speeds across the board, with some reports stating that we would also see more cores in some SKUs. While the specs shared by the Chinese media outlet corroborate the increase in clock speed, they deny the claims regarding the increased core count.

According to the report, Intel will raise clock speeds throughout the K-series by 200MHz. The Core i9 series is expected to turbo to 6.0GHz (14900K), the Core i7 to 5.6GHz (14700K), and the Core i5 to 5.3GHz. As for changes in core configuration, the Core i7-14700K would be the only one, packing the new 8P+12E configuration, which also means a larger “Smart Cache” of 33MB, up from 30MB on the Core i7-13700K.

Previous reports claimed the Core i5-14600K would also come with more cores (two more P-cores), but if the specs here are accurate, that won't be the case. The Core i5 SKU would continue to use six Performance cores and have the same configuration as the i5-13600K. The only noticeable gain would be in the boost clock speed, which would increase from 5.1 GHz to 5.3GHz.

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KitGuru says: The Raptor Lake Refresh may not include enough changes to convince 13th Gen Core owners to upgrade, although the new Core i7 should get a more notable bump if these specs are accurate. 

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