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Intel Core i5-13600K engineering sample sees mixed results in benchmarks

Recently, we've seen the first pre-production sample benchmarks for the Intel Core i9-13900K. Now, it seems the Core i5-13600K is also doing the rounds, but the upcoming mid-range processor delivered mixed results. 

Bilibili user ECSM (via VideoCardz) was able to obtain an Intel Core i5-13600K pre-production sample (ES3) but didn't share any photos of it. The CPU clock speeds were increased to match the values of the qualification sample, which supposedly has its P-cores boosting up to 5.1GHz and the E-cores running at 3.9GHz. After overclocking the chip, the leaker tested the CPU on Aida64, CPU-Z, and Cinebench R23.

Image credit: ECSM

The screenshot of the AIDA64 test shows that the CPU features six P-cores and eight E-cores. Moreover, it shows the CPU was operating at 1.31V, with the whole package consuming about 176W. However, the leaker believes the retail version will be further optimised to 160W. During AIDA64 testing, the CPU was running at 78ºC, but without knowing which cooling solution was used, we can't draw any conclusions.

Moving on to the CPU-Z results, the engineering sample scored 830 points in single-core and 10,031 points in multi-core. That's about 8% and 79% faster than the Core i5-12600K. In Cinebench R23, there's also a nice improvement in the multi-core score, which bumped up by 40%. However, the single-core result was considerably lower (about 26% less). The leaker believes the low CBR23 score resulted from a BIOS problem or a bug in the sample.

Lastly, the leaker stated it already has a qualification sample, but he doesn't want to share anything about it just yet. ECSM plans to give more time to Intel and motherboard vendors before sharing any performance figures of the QS, so we should have an early look at how the i5 processors perform in other workloads before its official release.

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