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Intel Core i9-12900H flagship laptop CPU confirmed to have 20 threads

The Ashes of the Singularity benchmark database never ceases to surprise us. An entry featuring an Intel Core i9-12900H laptop CPU has been found in the database, confirming it will come with 20x CPU threads and giving us a glimpse at how it performs.

According to the entry found by @BenchLeaks, the system powered by the Intel Core i9-12900H also had an RTX 3080 laptop GPU and 16GB of memory. It's unclear if the memory was DDR4 or DDR5, or if any of the components were overclocked or not.

Rumours claim the Core i9-12900H would feature a 14-core configuration (6x high performance and 8x high efficient cores) with 20x threads. The entry doesn't confirm the number of physical cores, as Ashes of the Singularity benchmark doesn't seem ready for hybrid architectures, but it looks like it displays the thread count correctly, listing 20x threads for the i9-12900H.

It's hard to compare the performance numbers of this entry with other systems because we don't know if the components are overclocked or not. However, a fast comparison puts the i9-12900H's performance at the same level as the i9-10850K/10900K desktop processors.

Intel Alder Lake laptop processors are expected to release in Q1 2022 alongside the Intel Arc mobile GPUs, which will allow OEMs to manufacture full-Intel laptops.

KitGuru says: Were you expecting that kind of performance from the Intel Core i9-12900H?

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