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Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H spotted in benchmarks

We've been seeing a few listings of Meteor Lake CPUs in the Geekbench database lately. The latest one shows the Core Ultra 7 1002H mobile CPU with the highest single-core score we've seen up to now. Another thing worth noting is the naming scheme, which differs from the previously seen 100H series samples.

The Geekbench entry shared by Benchleaks is from an unannounced Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H, which is most likely an engineering sample, as we can see from the “Intel Corporation Meteor Lake Client Platform” listing. This pre-production sample is most likely the equivalent of the Core Ultra 165H. While we don't know much about Intel's Meteor Lake nomenclature, the 165H appears to be more appropriately named for a higher-tier SKU.

As per the listing, the Core Ultra 7 1002H will have six P-cores and ten E-cores (two of which will be situated on the SoC chip). The characteristics match the 165H SKU in a few other areas, namely the boost clock going up to ~5.0 GHz.

In terms of performance, this CPU scored 2439 points in the single-core Geekbench 6 test, making it the highest-scoring Meteor Lake CPU to date. However, note that we only saw Geekbench entries featuring the Core Ultra 7 155H. As for multi-core performance, it scored 12,668 points, about 1.4% slower than the highest score achieved by the Core Ultra 7 155H.

Comparing the single- and multi-core scores with other chips currently available, the former is about the same as the Core i5-12600KF. The latter is similar to what you would expect from the Core i5-13600. Intel is expected to unveil its Meteor Lake CPU family later this year.

KitGuru says: Were you expecting more from the Meteor Lake CPUs, or does this level of performance match your expectations?

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