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Intel Meteor Lake can already boot Windows, Linux and ChromeOS

According to Intel's roadmap, Raptor Lake processors should be arriving later this year, followed by “Meteor Lake” processors in 2023. The tape-in process was finished almost a year ago, and now, Intel has announced the new architecture can already boot on multiple operating systems.

During Intel's recent quarterly earnings call, CEO, Pat Gelsinger, gave investors an update on upcoming CPUs. Interestingly, it sounds like Meteor Lake is ahead of schedule, as the CPU architecture is already compatible with major operating systems, including Windows, Linux and ChromeOS. The achievement sets a new milestone in the development of the 14th Gen core processors, but even so, don't expect to see an Intel Meteor Lake-based product before 2023.

The Intel Meteor Lake chips are set to release for low-power laptops, up to high-end machines, with a TDP ranging between 5W and 125W. Based on the Intel 4 process node, Meteor Lake CPUs will be employing Intel's Foveros packaging technology using stacks of multiple chiplets.

The CPU core count is still unknown, but rumours claim the iGPU of these processors will have double the number of Execution Units that we see in Intel Alder Lake processors. This means we should see Intel Xe-based HD Graphics with up to 192 EUs.

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